Idaho STEM Pipeline - Science.Technology.Engineering.Mathematics
Submit A Program
If you have a program that you would like to include on the Idaho STEM Pipeline - please review the information below before submitting your information to ensure that your program meets all the requirements for inclusion on the website. 

Guidelines for Submission:


Information submitted must be an Idaho program, event, or opportunity and related to one or more of the goals of Idaho STEM Pipeline - see below:



  • Increase statewide participation in Idaho STEM by providing coordinated information and educational “pipeline” opportunities.
  • Increase access to STEM learning opportunities within Idaho for all students, including women and those from underrepresented groups such as Native-American, Hispanic-American, Asian/Pacific Islander, and African-American populations.
  • Provide a statewide clearinghouse of STEM pipeline programs available to K-12 students and teachers, undergraduate, and graduate students in the state of Idaho.
  • Provide a statewide clearinghouse of STEM pipeline programs available to Idaho community members.
Submission Categories
When submitting information for multiple programs, events, or opportunities, please fill out a submission form for each. Information submitted should fall into one or more of the following categories. For search purposes, it is important to indicate all the categories that apply.

Program: This category includes any Idaho STEM-related service, opportunity, or project in which K-12 students, teachers, undergraduate and graduate students, and/or community members participate.


Financial Resource: This category includes any STEM-related service, opportunity, or project that provides a monetary incentive such as a scholarship, fellowship, award, or stipend. This would also include any grant opportunities that your program may offer. 


Conference or Event: This includes Idaho STEM-related meetings, conferences, events, workshops, training opportunities, etc. geared toward students, teachers, and/or community members. 


Organization: This includes formal Idaho STEM-related organizations, educational centers, or associations within school districts, colleges or universities, and/or community, etc.


Other STEM Resources: This includes other STEM-related resources such as educational links, etc.


Who Can Submit a Program?

Submissions should only be made by somebody who is officially associated with that particular program, event, or opportunity.